Antibodies and Beyond Antibodies; ApoLife

President Dr. Motwani Chair; < Emerging Trends in Biotechnology

IBC’s 4th Annual International Congress on Drug Discovery & Development of Innovative Therapeutics; Hyderabad, India

ApoLife presented at CHI-PepTalk meeting in San Diego

ApoLife presented at Bio

Asia Meeting in Hyderabad, India

New Frontiers in Biotechnology-Novel technology for Antibody production

ApoLife presented at IBC BIOPHARM Asia Meeting, Singapore

Developments in BioProcess Technology: New Strategies in Expression, Upstream and Downstream Processing
-A cost-effective system for screening and production of recombinant proteins using yeast (S.cerevisiae)

ApoLife presented at, IBC 16th International conference on Antibody Development amp; Production, San Diego, CA

Screening and Production of Functional IgG, Antibody Fragments and Immunotoxins

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