BioSavita Named Semifinalist in Accelerate Michigan Innovation Competition

September 2012

BioSavita is a biotechnology company focused on accelerating therapeutic antibody development for our

Antibodies are the newest pharmaceutical blockbusters with $56 billion

in aggregate sales in 2011 growing at 13–15% CAGR to over $70B by 2015. BioSavita’s CEO has successfully led venture-backed as well as publicly traded biotech team includes two of the top-licensing professionals for antibody expression platforms. The company has developed and validated its

Twin Cassette™ yeast expression platform technology. BioSavita’s

domain antibodies, and fusion proteins in secreted form. The

monoclonal antibody (Campath® biosimilar) for multiple sclerosis, IL-15 muteins for cancer and secretory IgA antibody for C. difficile infection. These programs are available for out-licensing and co-development.

BioSavita’s technology has been validated by peer-reviewed grants

from NIH and by technology licensing agreements with five major pharmaceutical companies. For biopharma using the current expression methods available, BioSavita’s yeast platform has the potential to shorten the discovery phase for antibodies by 30%, and reduce the capital costs of manufacturing by 50%. The company licenses the platform to companies for an upfront fee and royalties.